Adam & Hilary | Engaged

Hi everyone!  Welcome 2017!  Cheers to a New Year, New Marriages to celebrate and a whole lot of blogging from Jennifer McHugh Photography!!!

Let's all give it up for one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen Hilary and Adam. Hilary told me all about how her and Adam met.  They are another success story, which is simply amazing.  They have been dating now for a year and a half. 

She also filled me in on the proposal. Adam took her to an exhibit at a local Art and Garden gallery.  One similar to Longwood Gardens, only it was in Tennessee, where they currently live together. 

He brought her to see thousands of tulips, where he proposed. Of course, she said Y-E-S!

Their wedding date is set for July 2nd, 2017. They will be getting married at the beautiful RiverCrest Country Club, in Phoenixville, PA.   They will be holding a separate reception back in Tennessee for local friends and family.  Hilary’s cousin who is from New York will be the DJ for their reception.

For their Longwood Gardens, Winter engagement session, Hilary picked out a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt for Adam to wear and she wore a beautiful wine colored sweater, that perfectly complimented Adam’s attire. It was a great casual, Winter look.

Hilary admits, prior to her engagement session, she was a little worried about being in front of the camera and feeling a little awkward. Hilary had a little advice for newly engaged couples on how to prepare for their engagement session. Find ways to make your significant other laugh, make inside jokes, whisper sweet things anything to get a natural laugh and smile from them.  I must say, I totally agree with Hilary. 

I  asked Hilary what details about the wedding she is most excited about, she had the sweetest response, “I am most excited for just marrying him!!”  They're also excited to spend the rest of their lives together. It's so clear that this couple is head-over-heels for each other!  You’ll see what I mean when you see the photos from their engagement session.


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Christmas at Longwood Gardens Engaged
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Longwood Gardens Engagement Photography
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winter engagement photos

Nicole & Jeremy | Engaged

  Check out this adorable couple, Jeremy & Nicole.  They met in college at Mountain State University in Beckly, WV. Jeremy was one of the first people Nicole met there. They were introduced in the common area in their dorms. “I remember calling my friend and telling her about this really cute guy I had just met” - Nicole.  They were friends for about 8 months before he finally asked Nicole out on a date.... 8 years later they’re getting married!!!

  Jeremy and Nicole were in Nags head, NC on a family vacation with his family. They were on the beach playing badminton, just the two of them. He said he wanted to go for a walk by the water. They were on the beach walking towards the water when he started telling Nicole she was his world and how much he loves her. Nicole turned around and Jeremy was down on one knee. Jeremy proposed and Nicole said YES!  Did you ask my dad? After lots of tears shed, they went out to celebrate. This was actually was Jeremy’s second attempt in proposing, to Nicole. He had planned on proposing a few months earlier at a winery with all their friends and family but Nicole got sick, and the plan fell through. They wouldn’t change anything, though!  How romantic!

  Jeremy and Nicole are really excited about the location. They love that they are from Maryland, and wanted to portray that in their wedding venue. The beach house at The Winery at Elk Manor, in North East Maryland, will hold all of that. It’s right on the water, with the vineyard behind and beautiful views. To be around all of that and to be with their family and friends... It's everything they have could ask for. The rustic atmosphere is right up their alley. Everything has played a part in their special day, including their vendors.  They knew instantly that they would be part of making our dream day come true. They are part of what made them fall in love with the venue, the food, the pictures, and the entire experience.

 Jeremy and Nicole choose to have their engagement session on the grounds of Elk Manor, their wedding venue.  The venue has so much to offer.  Elk Manor provides a farm, rustic, winery atmosphere, with tons of history and architecture, and it’s on the water.  How perfect is this venue!!!  The grounds provide two areas to host your big day.  Nicole and Jeremy will be getting married at the Beach House over memorial day weekend, so they thought it would only be fitting to have their engagement session on Elk Manors, farm and winery.  For the session, they wanted to wear what they typically wear and just be themselves.  Jeremy wore jeans, boots, and flannel button up for some, black pull over polo for other pictures for a nice variety in the pictures.  They complimented each other well.  Nicole wore leggings, long sweater, & boots. Then she changed to jeans black blouse with coral blazer, and black boots.  Nicole’s advice for couples who are going to do an engagement session.  “Loosen up and have fun with it. We both feel as though we are not very photogenic people. You have to remember that photographers are professionals and they know what looks good.”

 I am so excited for this wedding and Memorial Day weekend!  The best part is, the grounds at Elk Manor provide so much variety, that the picture from their wedding will look like they were at another venue.  Bring on the Beach House, Memorial Day weekend, The Beach, The Summer and Best of All, Nicole and Jeremy’s Big Day!!!